Lets Get Moving! a little about me... My #1 Philosophy - My Clients Come First.. Moving can be an exciting time but also overwhelming. A real estate professional with a strong working knowledge of their local area can be invaluable and remove a lot of the stress. I have been a Realtor for about 15 years. When I'm not working, my interests range from painting to gardening, to MOVING! I have done it many times personally and helped many more professionally. My husband and I raised our children in this area and found a good network of friends and the sense of community to be a perfect fit. The same holds true for my business philosophy. I treat my clients like I would any friend or family looking for help. Working as a team, listening to the needs, figuring out how I can best help. Offering advice and advocating on their behalf. The easier I can make one of life's largest transitions (moving in or out) for someone the better. It is rewarding to know my experience has allowed someone's transition to go a little smoother. I enjoy giving clients the comfort that someone is looking out for them and making their move FUN! Like it should be.





   a little about me...

I've been a PA realtor for 15 years. Before real estate I worked for an accounting firm in an administrative position. That experience provided me with many of the skills I use in my real estate business today.   Its challenging, rewarding and never the same day twice. I've made a lot of good friends in my real estate travels.  I take my clients goals as personally as my own and work  hard to make them a reality.

 "Im not in the business of selling homes, Im in the business of selling dreams in the shape of homes" 

                                                                                   Phil Dunphy (couldnt resist)

Life cant be all work though.  I also have a family and plenty of outside interests.  I paint, enjoy cooking for friends, gardening, and being outside. We have two daughters, a son, and numerous pets that keep every day hopping.   

 Thanks for stopping by.  Call any time.